5 Pack Air Wrangler - Air Tool Holders




About this item

  • WHAT YOU GET - This 5 pack of Air Wranglers comes with 5 modular LOCKING pneumatic holders (chrome color) for 1/4" quick connect plugs, mounting hardware (quality screws & bolts Included), instructions and a sticker. PATENT PENDING.
  • AUTOMATIC LOCKING FUNCTION – Simply push the air tool in and it will lock automatically! One handed operation means it’s easy to grab a tool and even easier to store it. Organize your workspace, protect your tools from damage, easily locate any tool quickly, leave your bits / blades / cutting disks / accessories installed without damage.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Accepts all 5 types of ¼” quick connect plugs, including Milton (M) & (I/M), High Flow (V), Lincoln (L), Tru-Flate (T) and ARO (A). It also works with many other types commonly used across Europe. This simplified design means it will work with anything you have in your shop with a ¼” plug.
  • DUAL MOUNTING SYSTEM – Bolt to metal or screw into wood. The patent pending design features a threaded bolt hole (M6) in the back of the device allowing it to be bolted to any metal surface. It also features a pass-thru allowing screws to mount the holders into any wooden structure, work bench or wall with the included hardware. Bolt to a metal tool box, tool card, cabinet, shop cart, truck box, fabricated rack, shelf, or screw it to a wall. Flexible mounting options; can be used anywhere.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE - These holders are solid steel weighing nearly 5 Oz each and reinforced with 6 ball bearings for maximum strength. They have a Nickel / Chrome finish to prevent corrosion and match your existing tools. We have tested them to 100 Lbs and stand behind them with a 2 year warranty. Designed & Assembled In North America with components sourced overseas, these holders were designed from the ground up for convenience while storing pneumatic equipment. Patent Pending

Contractor Grade - *5 Pack - Includes: 5 Air Tool Holders & Mounting Hardware

The Air Wrangler™ pneumatic tool holders offer 4 key features: • Automatic locking function for easy tool insertion • Convenient one-handed operation • Dual mounting system for metal or wood surfaces • Universal fit for major plug types in North America and Europe

Additional benefits:

  • Securely holds over 100 lbs
  • Keeps dirt out and oil in when hanging tools
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

These holders, designed specifically for pneumatic tools, feature solid steel construction, 6 ball bearings, and a corrosion-resistant chrome finish. Each holder weighs nearly 5 oz. and provides maximum strength.

*Install in any orientation and virtually anywhere, such as toolboxes, shop carts, custom racks, and more.

*Organize your workspace and protect tools from damage. Store tools with bits and blades installed.

*Locate tools easily, improve efficiency, and enjoy one-handed operation with the modular design.

*Designed in North America, patent pending, and includes mounting hardware and a two-year warranty.

By supporting our family business, you're creating jobs and supporting local suppliers. We strive to produce the best quality products with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

*Mount on workbenches, walls, shelves, toolboxes, or mobile work vehicles. Reduce clutter and save space.

*Portable for mobile repair trucks or job trailers, also doubling as a protective cover for tools when not mounted.

*Weatherproof, chemical-resistant, and strong in extreme temperatures. Prevent lost or missing tools and serve as a great monitoring and shadow board alternative.

*Long-lasting and proudly display your tool collection.

We use the most durable materials to ensure the protection of your valuable tools.

We are excited to include the best fasteners from Robertson Screws, featuring a Recex drive that accepts #2 Phillips OR #2 Robertson (Square Drive).

We appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you more updates and new products. If you have any special requests, please let us know.

Thank you for your support, and keep building!

*Tools, batteries, workbenches, ladders, toolboxes, and props are not included. You are purchasing the holders. *As a result, we reserve the right to cancel unfulfillable orders or change our offer at any time.

We make this high quality device with the most durable materials available because we know you've invested a lot of money in your tools and we want to make sure they are protected.

I'm please to announce we are working with Robertson Screws to include the best fasteners available with every product that ships and to ensure convenience, the screws come with a Recex drive that accepts #2 Phillips OR #2 Robertson (Square Drive).

I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed developing them. Check back for more updates as we release new products for a full range of tools and equipment. If you have any special requests, let us know, we can accommodate anything you need.

Thank you for your support, and keep building!

*Tools, Batteries, Work Benches, Ladder, Toolbox and props NOT included - You are buying the holders (I can't believe I actually have to say that!)
*As a result of the previous line, we reserve the right to cancel unfulfillable orders or change our offer at any time.