MeatPump Marinade Injector - All Metal -




If you're seeing this, you're lucky! We haven't even announced this or launched the product yet. Our website is terrible, we barely have photos of the tool (since we've been keeping it top secret) and I haven't even written a proper description yet! 

All I can tell you is this is the best marinade injector on the planet. I'm a BBQ enthusiast myself, I own about 17 cookers and I've been through dozens of injectors over the years. The one common thing I always found was that they were junk and I got tired of spending money on junk. I have a $5000 pit, I spend $100+ on single chunks of meat often... why was I skimping on the only tool that can actually help improve my cook by making the meat more moist, flavorful and enjoyable. 

It was a Sunday morning, I had gotten up early, before anyone else in the house. I had a big brisket cook planned for a fancy Sunday dinner, even the in-laws were coming so I wanted it to be special. I ran out of time the night before so I only had a chance to lightly salt the meat before putting it in the fridge to dry brine. I figured I could hit it with injection early in the morning before going on the pit. I just got a good bed of coals built up, I mixed up my super secret injection blend, I loaded it into the OJ injector I had and the gall dang thing broke in my hand before I even got the first shot in. I was so flippin' mad, I'm glad no one else was awake because I cussed somethin awful. Needless to say the cook went on without injection and it turned out pretty decent if I do say so myself, but I just know I would have knocked their socks off if I could have gotten the flavor and moisture deep inside the meat for that long slow cook.

The worst part was I bought that OJ injector off of Amazon and the average reviews were 3.5/5 stars so I knew it was a piece of junk before I even bought it. The only reason I did was because there was nothing else out there that was any better. To add insult to injury, my BDI had broken just a few months before and honestly if you look at them side by side, I bet they are made in the same damn factory in china because the only thing different was the color.

From that day forward, I decided I was gonna find or build the best one in the world and I wasn't going to stop until I did. I wanted one that was indestructible, bullet proof, that was going to last for years. One I could rely on, even in the middle of a competition. One that could be rebuilt again and again... and that's exactly what I did. 

Introducing the Meat Pump. A marinade injector that doesn't suck.

There. That's my sales pitch.

Sure I could tell you that this thing enhances the flavor of your finished cook, and that it increases moisture but you already know that. You're on a website looking at a $200 marinade injector, you aren't stupid, you know what this thing does. You know it creates consistency throughout whole muscles so you get flavor from the inside, not just from the bark on the outside. 

I guess what you don't know is we have 2 models, we have a N-E-A-R-L-Y bulletproof (no, don't try) model that is made using fiberglass reinforced nylon, then we have this version that is just the cat's a$$ made of solid metal with a beautiful powder coated matte finish. Both are super smooth and we stand behind them with a 30 day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. When you receive this, you're going to pick it up and instantly know it's build with quality and purpose. It is a food grade precision instrument that will last for years with minimal maintenance. It's like a power drill, or a glock... take care of them and they can last a lifetime even with regular use. 

I know a little something about making quality products, our primary business is Tool Wrangler, and we make injection molded tool storage products guaranteed for life out of the same material as these injectors. We maintain a 4.7star to 5star rating depending on the website which is tough to maintain, but it speaks to the quality of our products. 

There are a few other things probably worth mentioning with the injectors:

Did I mention these guns are automatic? Unlike the grocery store injectors, these have a 3' long tube that attach on to the back of the gun. You simply mix up your favorite injection marinade, drop the tube in and get to poking. There are 2 check valves inside the gun. Every time you squeeze that trigger, the fluid flows from the chamber into the meat but when you ease off the trigger, that front check valve closes preventing any backwash. The second valve in the back opens and draws up your next shot from the reservoir so you can keep pumping for as long as you want, or at least as long as you have 'gas in the tank'. 

The best part about the whole automatic system is that the fluid only flows one direction, which means only clean marinade every comes into contact with the inside of the gun. This makes cleanup a breeze, with just a rinse of warm soapy water and a quick flush. You don't have to decontaminate the gun because bacteria from the meat isn't being drawn inside. Sure, you're welcome to disassemble the gun at any time and give it a good thorough cleaning, but that is up to you. Just make sure you clean the needle thoroughly since that is the part which contacted the raw meat. Always be careful when handling poultry too. 

We use a food grade silicone hose with our injection guns. The other guys use cheap vinyl tubing which I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts isn't rated for food.

If you do take your injector apart to clean and service it, we've included a little bag of replacement parts to make sure you have trouble free operation for many years.  

The guns also have an adjustable shot size. That means you can dial the amount of fluid that is dispensed with every pull of the handle from 0 up to 1oz at a time. This allows you to inject exactly the same amount of marinade uniformly through your meat. 

Ever loose or damage a needle and have to replace the entire gun because it had some special threads where you could only use their needles? Yeah, me too. Pain in the butt. One of my top priorities was to make sure this gun accepted UNIVERSAL needles. The international standard for quick-connect needles is "Luer Lock" and that is what we've gone with. Every doctor, emt, vet, dentist has access to this type of needle and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find replacements and for very little money. 

Now that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about an injection gun and if you've read down to this point, congratulations, you're probably sittin' next to a pit tending the fire because ain't no way you would have time to read all this otherwise!

When I first started searching for high quality injector, I realized something. There were none on the market. I got to wondering why and it took a few months to find out but I finally have the answer. Want to know why? Because they were all originally designed and built as disposable veterinary instruments. 

You see, the livestock industry sells medicine by the 5 gallon pail and it costs a pretty penny. Just ask any rancher! But as a bonus for buying one particular brand over another, they usually throw in an applicator with the pail. What's a $50 gun when someone is buying $5,000 worth of medicine? But you see the injector is considered disposable. A farmer / rancher is going to go, apply the medicine to the livestock, it's going to get soiled with manure and god knows what else, then it's going to get tossed out. They were never build to last long, or to be cleaned and re-used. 

Now it's pretty easy to see how some BBQ people got the idea. Turns out a lot of guys who raise cattle or butcher cattle also like to eat it and it's not a stretch to imagine a rancher who raises livestock may also own a cooker and got the idea to use the injector for BBQ. Well, however it came about that is where BBQ injectors originally came from (and why they are also mostly built like garbage). 

The good news for us, is that they are veterinary instruments so they are precise, and generally medical grade (at least for livestock) which means they are safe for food too. 

The bad news is they were designed to be disposable... until we developed this.

For the last year, we've worked in conjunction with a worldwide veterinary instrument manufacturer known for their incredible quality and together we created the Ultimate BBQ Injector; the Meat Pump.

Unfortunately, the cost to manufacture these is higher than what the cheap guns retail for but as my momma always said, you get what you pay for. 

I've got a friend who competes in the professional BBQ circuit and every year they buy 5 injectors right at the start of the season. They know they will fail over and over so they prepare by treating them as you would a pair of disposable gloves. I knew this had to stop. Each year they spend more on junk injectors than 1 good quality one would cost that would last them many years. It would save them a pile of money, even in the first year!

Look, if you're still reading, just buy one. If you don't like it, send it back and get your money back. It's that simple. 

Now I should mention, like anything, this isn't all sunshine and rainbows. If you suck at BBQ, this may help you marginally, but it's no replacement for skill and experience. You've got to put the reps in. But if this helps you salvage even 1 cook, it's already paid for itself. 

Like other injectors, whole spices can plug it off at the check valves or the needle (depending on the size you're using) so it's best to strain/filter any marinade first although I can tell you: you don't want whole spices in the center of the meat. They won't break down like they will on the bark. Any solids (spices/pepper/unsolved solids) that find their way into the center of your meat will result in a gritty, undesirable texture  so you're best off sticking with liquid only marinades.

Other than that, this unit is overkill if you are just cooking 1 chicken for supper and want to plump it up. Sure, it can do the job, but it's overkill for small cooks/injections so don't throw away your single shooter just yet.

Well I'm about out of breath. This isn't a hard sell, if you've used an injector and see the merits of it and you've owned a poor quality on in the past, then this may be a good option for you. I mean, it is a good option, but the choice is yours really. If what you're doing is working, by all means carry on! I'm just here trying to help solve a problem and patch a hole in the market where I found challenges in the past.

Now look, there's usually an "act fast" or "buy now" bit right around here, or a threat that the price is going up or that inventory will run out. The simple truth is, I ordered 80 of the metal guns and 400 of the nylon ones for the first run. I've got them here in my hands ready to ship. As I write this, it's April. Barbecue season is upon us, Memphis in May is right around the corner, and this is my first production run of injectors. I still don't know if I'm the only one crazy enough to want a high end gun or not so at this time, there are no more on the way. So yes, supplies are limited (email me anytime and I can update you on what I have left) and if we do sell out, I can promise it will be pretty late in the season before we get our hands on more. 

Don't miss out, father's day is just around the corner. We haven't launched yet, I'm still not sure how you even found this listing... but I expect this to sell out. If you want to get in on the ground floor, be an "early adopter" and get your hands on the ultimate BBQ injector gun, then pull the trigger. You've got nothing to lose, there's a money back guarantee. Plus, we may just include some surprises with the first batch as a special thank you! Oops, I've said too much.    

Happy Grillin'!

Jackson "Smokey" Briggs