Milwaukee Packout Feet 4-Pack




INDESTRUCTABLE - Tool Wrangler brand packout feet for Milwaukee rolling toolboxes:
*4 Pack - BLACK - Includes: 4 Packout Feet plus mounting hardware. 


INDESTRUCTABLE MATERIAL - Polyurethane is the same material used in roller coaster wheels and gondolas. The material is actually bulletproof and resistant to heat, cold, chemicals, sun, and abrasion. This is the perfect material to mount on the bottom of a box that will get skidded around the floor of a jobsite.

*Compatible With Milwaukee Packout toolboxes
*Universal Fit - Mount to the bottom of anything and lock it in to your existing Pack Out set.
*NOT cheap 3D printed parts, NOT made with cheap ABS

*Organize Your job boxes and portable packout gear
*Mount on the bottom of nearly anything to lock into your equipment
*Attach a work surface for clamping on top of your tool kit
*Mount them on a Vacuum and clip it in place
*Use it to mount TOOL WRANGLER tool holders

*Load more stuff in one trip
*Make more room in your toolboxes
*Locate Tools Easily
*Improve Efficiency
*Modular Design - Use As Few Or As Many As You Need

*Designed & Made In North America
*Limited Lifetime Warranty
*Mounting Hardware INCLUDED!

By purchasing from us, you're creating jobs for a family business and supporting other local suppliers. In return, you receive the best quality product we can possibly produce and there's a lifetime warranty to back it up!

*Weatherproof & Chemical Resistant
*Strong In Extreme Temperatures
*Won't Wear Out Over Time

(Please note, this listing is for a short run of prototypes. The mold for casting was made using using printed parts so the print lines show up in the final product, but while they resemble 3d printed parts, I assure you they are made of Polyurethane and are insanely strong - literally bulletproof!) As a result of the prototype mold, the finish is not smooth but they will fit perfect and function 100%. These prototypes using this material are in limited supply before we get a proper mold made. This is also our own proprietary design, not just another version people download and copy off the internet for their 3D printers. The fit is dialed in and you have our LIFETIME warranty!

We make this high quality device with the most durable materials available because we know you've invested a lot of money in your tools and we want to make sure they are protected. We use quality Polyurethane Casting for maximum strength.

No expenses were spared in making this product the best it could be, and that includes manufacturing right here in North America. We've teamed up with local suppliers to source our packaging, fasteners, and raw materials. All of our packaging is sustainable (recyclable cardboard and paper packaging).

I'm please to announce we are working with Robertson Screws to include the best fasteners available with every product that ships and to ensure convenience.

I started developing the Tool Wrangler™ in early 2017 while organizing my workshop and I have been working on bringing products to market ever since. What a journey it has been! We have built dozens of prototypes to get the design just right. Don't trust your equipment to anything less than the best, get the original Tool Wrangler™. We believe in the product so much, we stand behind it with our lifetime warranty.

I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed developing them. Check back for more updates as we release new products for a full range of tools and equipment. If you have any special requests, let us know, we can accommodate anything you need.

Thank you for your support, and keep building!

*Not affiliated with Milwaukee or TTI
*Orders to Europe will not include screws due to weight restrictions
*Tools, Batteries, Work Benches, Ladder, Toolbox and props NOT included - You are buying the packout feet (I can't believe I actually have to say that!)
*As a result of the previous line, we reserve the right to cancel unfulfillable orders or change our offer at any time.