8 Milwaukee Tool Holders




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  • WHAT YOU GET - This 8 pack combo comes with 8 Black Tool Holders, mounting hardware (Screws Included) and instructions.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE MATERIAL - These holders are manufactured using an Ultra Strong Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer - Designed & Made In North America, Patent Pending, 100% Recycled Materials, Lifetime Warranty, Tested In EXTREME Cold To -35F, NOT 3D Printed, No Cheap ABS
  • USES - For Use With Milwaukee M18 Tools - The unique design offers a universal fit for nearly any Milwaukee M18 - They can be installed nearly anywhere with the included hardware and mounted in nearly any orientation
  • BENEFITS - Organize your workspace, Protect your tools from damage, Easily locate equipment, One handed access, Leave your bits / blades / cutting disks installed
  • INSTALLATION OPTIONS - Mount in the Garage, Workshop, Work Truck, Job Box, Basement, Laundry Room, RV, Shop, Under the counter, In a cupboard, Under a shelf, On the wall, Overhead, Upside down, Angled, Horizontally, Vertically, Upright, Use for inventory management, Put equipment on display
  • COMPATIBILITY - Works with most Milwaukee M18 cordless powered hand tools. A limited number of tools may require you to slightly modify the holders for a proper fit such as larger hammer drills, the planer, and some larger circular saws. A proper fit can be achieved by sanding 1/32" off the back. Instructions Included. Please note, this only affects a small number of tools. **If you use the belt hooks on your drills, it will require a spacer or shim to raise the holder up off a flat surface allowing the belt hook to hang down. A simple scrap of wood will do the trick, details are in the included instructions.



  • 8 Tool Holders Pack, BLACK - Includes: 8 Tool Holders

  • Compatible with most Milwaukee M18 Tools

  • Universal Fit - Fits almost all shapes & sizes of Milwaukee cordless tools

  • Install in any orientation, anywhere

  • Organize your workspace and protect tools from damage

  • Store tools with bits & blades installed

  • Fiber reinforced for maximum strength

  • Easily locate tools for improved efficiency

  • One-handed operation with modular design

  • Designed & made in Canada with US polymers

  • Patent pending with limited lifetime warranty

  • Mounting hardware included

By purchasing from us, you support a family business and receive the best quality product with a lifetime warranty!

  • Mount on workbenches, walls, shelves, toolboxes, vehicles, etc.
  • Reduce clutter and bulky cases
  • Portable and doubles as a protective cover
  • Weatherproof, chemical resistant, and strong in extreme temperatures
  • No more lost or missing tools, great for monitoring equipment
  • Won't wear out over time and prominently displays your tool collection

We make this high-quality device with the most durable materials available. Our polymer is fiber reinforced, trusted by NASA and the U.S. Military.

No expenses were spared, including manufacturing in North America. We've sourced sustainable packaging and used 100% recycled materials.

We make this high quality device with the most durable materials available because we know you've invested a lot of money in your tools and we want to make sure they are protected. Our polymer is fiber reinforced for maximum strength, it's the same material frequently used by NASA and the U.S. Military.

No expenses were spared in making this product the best it could be, and that includes manufacturing right here in North America. We've teamed up with local suppliers to source our packaging, fasteners, and raw materials. All of our packaging is sustainable (recyclable cardboard and paper packaging) and of course our product is made out of 100% recycled materials (repurposed carpet).

I'm please to announce we are working with Robertson Screws to include the best fasteners available with every product that ships and to ensure convenience, the screws come with a Recex drive that accepts #2 Phillips OR #2 Robertson (Square Drive).

I started developing the Tool Wrangler™ in early 2017 while organizing my workshop and I have been working on bringing it to market ever since. What a journey it has been! No one had even thought of creating a holder like this, I know because I spent months looking! We have spent over 500 hours designing, engineering and perfecting this patent pending product so that it will last you a lifetime and protect your valuable tools. We have built hundreds of prototypes to get the design just right. Don't trust your equipment to anything less than the best, get the original Tool Wrangler™. We believe in the product so much, we stand behind it with our lifetime warranty.

I hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed developing them.

Check back for more updates as we release new products for a full range of tools and equipment. If you have any special requests, let us know, we can accommodate anything you need.

Enjoy our products and stay tuned for new releases. Contact us for special requests. Thank you for your support!

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